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Interconnected Lives Privacy Policy

We, at the Interconnected Lives, have prepared this privacy policy in order to describe our practices regarding the personal information we collect from the users. is an online magazine and forum that caters mainly to audiences that are interested in learning more about relationships, marriages, divorces and so on. The privacy policy described below applies to the entire site and all the products offered.

Collecting Information

The privacy policy outlined below is applicable for all the users residing in different parts of the globe. Your information, regardless of the country you reside in, will be collected and processed for several purposes as described in the policy. By providing your information, you, as the user, consent to the collection and processing of information by Interconnected Lives.

When the phrase ‘personal information’ is used, it only means information used to identify the user, i.e. your name, telephone number, address, email address and any other information that could be linked or associated with you. However, when the phrase ‘Anonymous information’ is used here, it means information that is not linked to you or your personal information. It does not enable us to identify or contact you.

Personal Information

Interconnected Lives may collect your personal information in several ways. This includes, but not limited to, your subscription, registration, features, services and other activities offered on our site.

We also collect information from users who visit the site anonymously, which is referred to as the ‘Anonymous information’ above; however, we will do so only if the users voluntarily submit their information. In case the user refuses to submit his/her personal information, we will not collect the data, but this will prevent the user from engaging in certain activities offered in the site.

Non-personal Information

Interconnected Lives may also collect non-personal information from users whenever an interaction with the site is detected. The information may also include your browser name, computer type and any other types of technical information that may be used as a means to connect with the site. In addition, we may also collect information about the operating system and the ISP (Internet Service Provider).


Interconnected Lives is only meant for adults above the age of 13. Interconnected Lives also contains content that might not be suitable for children. Therefore, our site and services is only meant for adults and not for children. At the Interconnected Lives, we take our policies very seriously and do not maintain or collect any sort of information, either personal or non-personal, from children.

Our site is not designed to attract children who are under 13 and once we are notified that a user is below 13 years of age, we will take necessary steps to restrict the user from using the features and other services offered in the site. In addition, we will also remove all the information about the user that is collected in our data base.

How does Interconnected Lives Collect Information?

As mentioned above, we collect both personal and anonymous information.

Personal Information

Generally, we collect personal information so that it helps us provide the best services and features to you. Additionally, it also helps us understand more about the site and the features. We only collect the information that is submitted voluntarily by you as you browse through the services and features. In addition, we also use personal information whenever any sort of communication occurs between the user and us.

For instance, if a user sends an email, then his/her personal information will be collected. It is important to note that you should only provide information you want other users to see about you. Having said that, you can choose not to offer your personal information but it will also limit you from using certain features of the site.

Interconnected Lives can be accessed by anybody across the world (users above the age of 18), but if you want to enjoy all the features offered in the site, it is recommended that you open an “Account”. In order to open an account, you can go through different steps, but it’s suggested that it’s easier to do so through social media sites such as Facebook.

Once you open your account through a third party site by using your separate id and password, you can easily access all the features of our site. Note that by doing so, you are granting us the permission to gain access to your personal information. Essentially, you are also agreeing to the terms and conditions on our site and the third party site too.

Once a user opens an account through another third party site, our site receives information from that site in order to make it easier and faster for you to create an account on our site. Again, we will only collect information you have made public, which means that you set your privacy settings in that manner.

The information collected by our site may very well depend on the kind of settings you have set on that particular third party site. However, if you don’t want other users to view your information, you can alter your privacy settings on that site.

You can also disable your Facebook or any other third party site login by logging into your account you have created on Interconnected Lives. In case you don’t want to follow the procedure outlined above, you can simply open your account by submitting information about your email address.

We post many articles on Interconnected Lives and if you want to participate in the forum by commenting on the articles, you are welcome to do so. In this case, you will need to register and open an account, as already mentioned and our site might use another third party site to deliver the particular functionality.

In such cases, we will not be collecting your information since it will be the third party site that is collecting the data. In any case, please review all your personal information before you provide it and please ensure that you are careful while disclosing your information.

Please note that the information you provide will be visible to all users, including the non-registered users (guests) who browse through the site. By providing your information, you are agreeing to our terms that it can be viewed by other users.

Anonymous Information

While personal information is the data submitted by you, anonymous information is technical, which is related to the system and provider you use. We, at the Interconnected Lives, collect several types of your anonymous information and they are:

Data collected by the servers: In order to make a site work in a good condition, most sites need servers. Similarly, Interconnected Lives also uses servers that could be hosted by another third party site to collect anonymous information from the users. This is done in order to make the site more accessible to users browsing through the site all across the globe.

The data collected by the servers may include the type of the browser you are using, your operating system, IP addresses (Internet Protocol), and name of your domain and a time and date stamp that refers to the date or the time you visit our site. IP address is assigned automatically on your computer whenever you use your internet and it could also vary from one session to another, depending on whether it’s dynamic or static IP.

Log Files

Most sites operate in a manner where all the information is collected automatically and then stored in log files. Similarly, Interconnected Lives uses Log files to store information and this data may include the type of browser you use, your ISP or Internet Service Provider, your IP addresses, the operating system, date and time stamp, exit or referring pages and click stream data.

The information collected here is not linked to your personal information. The collected information assists us only to improve our services that are offered to the end user. Furthermore, the information is used to analyze certain trends and manage the site to make it fully operational. It is also used for technical aspects that include tracking the movements of the users on the site and also to gather geographical information in order to provide better features.

This information also helps us recognize the system when you are a returning user. This means that we will be able to provide information and advertisements that are tailored according to your needs and requirements.


Cookies are used in most sites as an integral part to collect information. Basically, there are two types of cookies we use. Cookies are actually small tidbits of information any website sends to the user’s hard drive whenever the user is browsing the site.

For instance, if you are browsing through Interconnected Lives, our site will send cookies to your hard drive to gather information. As mentioned above, there are two types of cookies that include the session and persistent cookies. While session cookies expire as soon as you close the browser window and exit the site, persistent cookies will stay on the user’s computer unless it is deleted.

Both types of cookies are used to gather data about the user in order to provide a better experience. Using cookies enables us to provide you with interactive features that enhance your experience on the site. In addition, cookies also help us tweak and ensure that we tailor the site according to your needs and requirements.

Cookies are used by most websites only to gather information; however, if you are not comfortable and want to prevent the site from using your information, you can disable the cookies by changing your settings in your browser.

Once you change your settings available in your browser, you are essentially instructing your browser to prevent other websites from using your cookies.

You can certainly visit your settings and stop Interconnected Lives from using cookies, but this will limit your interaction on our site and you might not be able to enjoy all the features and services provided by us. In case of any questions regarding our cookie policy, you can send an email to us using the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Advertisers Collecting Information

At Interconnected Lives, we might use other third party sites to serve advertisements on our site. The third party sites involved might collect your anonymous information and this includes your browser type, IP address and ISP. These sites might also collect information regarding your visits to Interconnected Lives and other websites as well.

However, please note that these sites will not collect your personal information including your name, email id, address, telephone number or any other personal information.

The third party sites may also use cookies to collect your anonymous information and they do this primarily to serve you with advertisements that are best suited to you. Again, this is done only to enhance your experience when you browse the website.

This is also done to understand you, the user, in a better manner and to ultimately provide better features. Please note that this policy will not apply to pixel tags or cookies used in third party sites and Interconnected Lives does not assume responsibility for it.

Thereby, we also encourage users to read through the cookies policy of the third party websites to ensure their privacy. By doing this, users can also understand how the advertising services work. If you still have questions about this policy, and would like to know about your choices and options to not divulge information to these companies, please click here:

Information About Third Party Cookies and Google Analytics

At Interconnected Lives, we use Google Analytics as well as other third party sites to analyze the way users use our site and to also gather more information for our own business purposes.

Since cookies are usually used to collect any kind of data or information, these sites may also use cookies to gather data about footprints. For instance, the cookies may be used to determine the amount of users browsing through the site, the pages they like to visit and the amount of times they visit the site.

The cookies may also be used to gather data as to which site you visited prior to visiting our site. Basically, this information is collected only for the purpose of our betterment and to increase and improve the features offered on the site.

As mentioned above, we also take the assistance of Google Analytics. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect the user’s IP address that is assigned on the very date the user has visited the site. Note that Google Analytics will not collect your personal information (phone number, address, name, email).

It is also important to mention here that your personal and anonymous information will never be misused by our site and the information collected by Google Analytics will not be combined with your personal information.

Please note that Google Analytics may use a persistent cookie on the user’s chosen web browser, but this is done solely for the purpose of identifying the user as a unique user whenever he/she visits the site. These cookies will not be used by us or any other company except Google and if you need to understand more about Google Analytics and their terms of use, you may visit Google Privacy Policy.

How Interconnected Lives Uses User’s Information

Personal Information

At Interconnected Lives, your information may be used for several purposes and they include:

  1. Providing excellent services to users and also personalizing the site and services according to the user’s needs.
  2. Marketing some products to you that could be useful to you. For instance, advertisers are allowed to choose user’s characteristics in order to determine the users who could be interested in viewing the ads. We may also use our own information collected from you to select users that can view the advertisements.
  3. Respond and provide a better customer satisfaction. Our site may use your personal information to communicate with the user to respond to any requests or issues that may arise while you interact and browse the site. We may also use it to improve the features of the site and resolve any disputes put forward by the users.

In addition, we may also use the user’s personal information to create other anonymous records, but these records will not include any information that could be personally identifiable to the user. In case of communication between the user and our site, we primarily communicate through emails.

If you want to alter the frequency of emails you are receiving from us, you can alter the settings displayed on the site.  Additionally, if you aren’t interested in receiving any kind of emails from us, you can simply click on the “Unsubscribe” button, which is displayed at the bottom end of every email.

However, it is important to note that even after you unsubscribe from the newsletter or any form of emails, you may still receive our communication that is related to the services and features offered by the site. This communication could also include any other emails that could relate to your account on the site.

Anonymous Information

Interconnected Lives may use cookies to track the logins of users and customize the site to better fit the needs of the users.

In addition, your anonymous information may also be used to provide better features to the site and also improve and personalize the content of the site and software. Your anonymous information may also be used to help us get in touch with you for marketing our services and products.

How the Information is Disclosed

Personal Information

The users’ personal information can be disclosed by Interconnected Lives:

  1. With other third party sites that help us provide the services and features displayed on the site.
  2. With other third party sites to whom the user asks us to send his/her information.
  3. With our affiliates that could include our joint ventures, subsidiaries, sister companies or any other companies that come under specific common control. Please note that our affiliates will also be required to follow our privacy policy.
  4. During a merger, negotiation, acquisition, financing, dissolution, or any other transactions that includes financial agreements between us and other sites. This will hold also during the event of a sale, divestment or disclosure of just a portion or our complete assets or business. In case of a bankruptcy, insolvency or receivership, we hold the rights to transfer the personal information and they may be regarded as our business assets. This means if another company or business takes over Interconnected Lives, then they hold the rights to own the user’s personal information that is collected by us. They will assume the obligations and rights regarding the user’s personal information as stated in our privacy policy.
  5. If any case warrants the transfer or disclosure of the user’s personal information and is done in good faith. This can be done for several reasons including:
  • Resolving any issues or disputes and investigation of any other problems.
  • To ensure that the terms and conditions stated by Interconnected Lives are enforced.
  • In case of any legal complications where we are requested by authorities to provide the information without warrants or subpoenas served to us.
  • To defend and protect our company’s property and rights and also to protect rights of you and third parties as well.

When a user provides information to our company where it can be utilized in the public area, make note that said information will be displayed publicly on the site. This can be done using SNS services (social media) and this is done for our own business purposes.

As a user of the site, you may post or share the information displayed on our website on other social media platforms. For instance, if you share an article on Twitter or Facebook, then Interconnected Lives will submit information to those SNSs with respect to your options. The user agrees and acknowledges that he/she is responsible for using and reviewing the terms and conditions and privacy policy of the SNS and the third party site that is offering such services. Interconnected Lives will/cannot be held responsible for:

  1. Your usage of such SNSs
  2. The accuracy or the availability of the SNSs
  3. Products, features and services of the SNSs

Anonymous Information

Interconnected Lives reserves the right to disclose a user’s anonymous information without any kind of restrictions publicly.

How the Information is Controlled

As mentioned above, as a user of the site, you hold the rights to alter any sort of information you have provided by using the account settings provided on the site.

In case you wish to change or alter any of your settings, you thereby give us the right to disclose your modified information in accordance with the privacy policy detailed here. Please note that you also agree that Interconnected Lives is not obligated to modify or delete the information you had previously stored.

It is important to note here that if you are receiving information about our site through your selected SNS, then you may have to alter your information through that SNS as you may not be able to do that through our site.

Any information you want to change should be done directly through the SNS site. Any inaccuracies found in our previously collected information will be altered if you request for such a change. At Interconnected Lives, we do our very best to process such changes as soon as we can; however, this process could take at least 30 days in order to take effect.

Interconnected Lives always strives to provide the best features to its users; however, in the rare case that you want to close your account, you can send us an email requesting for the termination of your account.

However, please note that we might retain a user’s personal information in order to comply with any sort of legal issues or laws that include fraud, dispute, resolve problems and other investigations.

Information Shared with Other Third Parties

Please note that the privacy policy detailed here applies only to Interconnected Lives. In cases where the user discloses his/her information with other SNS or third party sites, then it is recommended that the user refers to the terms and conditions of that particular site since we cannot control the policies and terms and conditions of other sites.

The privacy policy outlined here will not be applicable to such third party sites. This applies also if you authorize us to disclose your information.

Interconnected Lives contains quality content and the user might see links or content that is associated with other third party sites. Please note that we are not responsible or liable for such content that is displayed on those websites. We do not hold the rights to review the content posted on such websites.

For instance, if you see an advertisement displayed on our site, you may click and browse through the content; however, note that you will be leaving our site and opening a new site. During this entire process, a different entity might also collect your personal and anonymous information. If in doubt, please review the terms and conditions and privacy policy whenever you visit new sites.

Alterations to our Privacy Policy

The privacy policy discussed here can be subject to changes according to our discretion and we hold the rights to alter or modify the policy for any reason we see fit. In such cases, Interconnected Lives will notify the end user about the modifications to ensure a better understanding and communication.

The revised privacy policy will again be displayed here and you can review the changes if you wish to. Please read through the privacy policy regularly in case of any changes and make a note of the date the changes were put into effect.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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