Preempting Disaster: Why You Should Get a Prenup

In Marriage by Interconnected Lives

#2: Take Control and Speed up Your Divorce

One of the worst things about a divorce is the fact that they have a tendency to drag.  Family court battles can be notoriously nasty and, very often, comes down to something of a war of attrition.  If your ex and their legal team think it will serve them well tactically to draw things out and tie things up in court, they’ll almost certainly do so.

After all, your resources are finite, to say nothing of the fact that we all have only so much emotional energy.  People do sometimes ‘pay’ just to make their problems go away, and that can be a tactic that you are forced by your ex’s lawyers to employ just to get on with your life.

Of course, you don’t want and shouldn’t have to put up with such an extortion-esque measure, and so a prenup is a great way to preempt such a tactic, thereby allowing you to take control over your divorce and, indeed, your life.

What’s more, this kind of legal agreement can make a court case move that much more smoothly.  After all, without it, a considerable amount of time (and money) might be expended in family court debating who owns and owes what, which is fantastic if you’re a lawyer for either side, but not so much if you actually are either side and see those legal costs continuing to mount.

Having everything laid out ahead of time can help the separation go quicker, with less cost to you, and even make it more amicable.