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How I Battled Postpartum Depression Naturally

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Two years ago, I displayed symptoms of postpartum depression. Postpartum depression, also known as postnatal depression, or ‘the baby blues’ is a condition that affects women after childbirth. It was unreal and it felt as though it was happening to someone else and I found it extremely hard to cope with my issues.

Pregnancy is supposed to be filled with joy and giving birth to a child is something a woman looks forward to, but I was depressed after I gave birth to my son.Postpartum Depression 22 postpartum depression How I Battled Postpartum Depression Naturally Postpartum Depression 22

It all started during the pregnancy when my delivery didn’t go well. Of course, you can’t really plan a delivery to perfection, but since I was made to wait during the contractions, I guess I became extremely anxious.

I was in a lot of pain and my emotions spiraled hopelessly out of control. It wasn’t fun and the entire process made me feel exhausted and discouraged.

Studies suggest that about 80% of mothers experience nervousness and anxiousness during childbirth and that is quite natural. That’s a huge number but thankfully, many women recover in just two weeks.

However, the rest of us could suffer for months while displaying irritability, anxiousness, and insomnia. I had major mood swings and though my family tried their best to help me out, I couldn’t just deal with it.