Platonic Relationship

Platonic Relationship? Why Men and Women Can’t Be Just Friends

In Friendship by Interconnected Lives

A platonic relationship can be described as something that consists of no sexual relations between two people.

It simply means that the individuals are friends and do not have any wish to make the relationship go any further than that.

Men and women cannot be just friends, and this is a statement that has been confirmed by not only many relationship experts but also from the massive number of surveys that have been conducted on this topic.

While many people may not agree with this, it is actually quite true and this is why both men and women should understand this before having any other kinds of thoughts.

In order for a man and a woman to have a completely platonic relationship, it is essential for both parties to know the significance of true friendship.

Experts have even explored the term often used as ‘friends with benefits’, but clearly even that does not work out in the favor of a guy and girl since they are bound to have feelings for each other if not in the short run, then surely in the long run.