Pick-up Lines For Girls Tips

Best Pick-up Lines For Girls Tips – How to Make A Boy Talk to You

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#2: Dirty Pick-Up Lines

Maybe it’s because men way, WAY too often why trying to pick-up women, and you feel it’s time for a little payback.  Maybe you think he’ll laugh.  Or maybe you’ve just seen one too many rom-coms and feel that saying the absolute worst, most counter-intuitive thing now will lead to awkwardness, wacky hijinks and that happy ending you so richly deserve.

Whatever the rationale, we implore you—DO NOT try and insult a guy upon just meeting him an expect it to be a match made in heaven.  That doesn’t mean you need to be overly complimentary—if he needs that to fuel his ego, chances are he’s not the type of person you want to be with anyway—but it does mean outright insulting a guy isn’t generally a good way to pick one up.

Again, one of the reasons this pops up when it comes to pick-up lines for girls is the fact boys do it all the time, thinking it’ll somehow make women ‘want them more.’  And it’s wrong.  And they’re wrong.  And as your parents surely told you, two wrongs don’t make a right…

And as we’re here to tell you, they don’t generally make for successful date nights.  Needling him a bit?  Sure.  Outright insulting him?   Trust us—just don’t.