Pick-up Lines For Girls Tips

Best Pick-up Lines For Girls Tips – How to Make A Boy Talk to You

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#1: Funny Pick-Up Lines

Two of the biggest challenges that face women who want to pick-up men or ask them out on their own accord is the fact society has conditioned it such that men asking out women is the norm, and that girls when growing up are often treated differently than boys, notably expected to act a bit more ‘polite’ or ‘lady-like,’ as opposed to the whole ‘boys will be boys’ spiel.

It’s a double standard, and it’s wrong—so how can you overcome it and ask that you really like out?

Why not break the ice with a joke or, if you think he has the temperament to take it, even needle him a bit?  That latter option will obviously depend more on his personality and how well you know him (ie, a total stranger vs. a good friend) but either way, injecting humor into the situation can be a great way to help you AND him feel more comfortable with this strike against the status quo.  What’s more, in this tech-savvy, geek-chic age, there’s no ‘asset’ out there like the brain of a brilliant, at ease woman.

Of course, that’s true anywhere and anytime, so it naturally applies to our little section on pick-up lines for girls, too.