Pick-up Lines For Girls Tips

Best Pick-up Lines For Girls Tips – How to Make A Boy Talk to You

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So there are tons of articles out there on the Internet for picking up girls—too many, in fact—but have you ever stopped to think about pick-up lines for girls themselves?

After all, why not?  Pick-up lines can range from silly and harmless to horribly sexist, absolutely witty to downright dumb, but for all that range, this special subset of linguistic come-ons has been made into a ‘Boys Only’ club.  Come on now, it’s 2015…

Surely women deserve the same right to sound absolutely ridiculous whilst completely embarrassing themselves with a bad pick-up line?

Well, we’ll do you one better.  With the understanding that, unless you’re extremely sincere (more on that later) or a regular Dorothy Parker or Daria Morgendorffer, pick-up lines are generally a bad idea, here are five GOOD tips on how to make this time honored bit of tedium actually work for members of ‘the Fairer Sex’ looking to use their words to win that guy over.

Read on these pick-up lines for girls tips to make a hot guy talk to you back