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Must Love Pets: 5 Great Pet Lover Dating Tips

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From Petsmart with love: Great pet lover dating tips for singles.

So you are an animal person and have always have been. Maybe it’s the fact that you are a Biology major, or, heck, are maybe even a biologist or conservationist or veterinarian or otherwise work with animals in some capacity on a day to day basis and just cannot get enough of them.
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Maybe you grew up on a ranch with horses, or on the beach with a great view of deep blue sea, and no matter whether you live in Nebraska or New York, you’ve carried that heritage with you.

Maybe you just can’t get enough of Animal Planet, National Geographic and nature documentaries with Jacques Cousteau, David Attenborough, and all manner of animals great and small, be they majestic elephants or goofball puppies, powerful panthers or meowing housecats.

Or maybe you just can’t resist that look of absolute loyalty, love and excitement in a Labrador eyes, or the purr-fect imperiousness and aloof affection only a Calico can give you after a hard day at the office.

Whatever the reason, you absolutely love your pets.

But, however much your pets might love you, wooing a fellow human being is quite a different challenge, and often a trickier one for pet lover dating.  For as much as you love that furry ball of fun, it’s an all-too-true fact that they can sometimes get in the way when it comes to romance.

But it doesn’t have to — Here are 5 tips and tricks to help you get the ball rolling (yarn or otherwise) when it comes to pet lover dating successfully