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Personality Test: What Type of Woman Are you?

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Part of the fun of a personality test is being able to identify with something or someone that’s not quite what you actually are, but which you might instead just be able to envision yourself as given the right conditions.

No one can ‘be’ Wonder Woman or Superman, given their superhuman abilities. On the other hand, given the right training, money, intellect and power, a guy could envision themselves as being like Batman, or a woman like Hermione Granger. (Or the other way around—hooray for gender equality!)

With these personality tests, however, we’re going to give women their due and focus on them all the way.

What kind of witty woman of wonder might you secretly be? You might be sexy (in fact, we’re sure you are) but just what facet of your being is the most appealing?

What are your best (and worst) character traits? What four letter word describes you, and hey—just what kind of girl are you, anyway?
And, most importantly, what’s your overall personality as a woman?

Because, shock of shocks, it really is personality that counts in the end, so join us for Ladies’ Night and a personality test or two to discover just what type of woman you really are!

Let’s take these 5 personality tests to find out what type of woman are you

  • Quiz #1: Which super witty TV woman are you?
  • Quiz #2: The mean personality test
  • Quiz #3: What is the sexiest thing about you?
  • Quiz #4: What type of girl are you?
  • Quiz #5: Which 4 letter word perfectly describes you?

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