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Parenting Humor: Successful Modern Parenting Best Practices

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#1: Parenting is Child’s Play (Full of Screaming and Whining) – Parenting Humor

In recent times, society has begun to view parenting as an impossible task. Having children is now considered to be a miracle, especially if the parents used a condom. Raising a child is indeed a difficult and stressful thing to do. It affects you both mentally and physically; you raise a kid for twenty years and you come out looking significantly older than you did when you first embarked on parenthood.

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Shut-up and Listen

Fortunately, the past five decades have given us thousands of books to guide us through raising our young. These books will no doubt prove a great help to any parent whose child will stop crying long enough for them to read one. The sales figures for parenting books are through the roof, with the latest report stating that there is one bought every minute. Research also indicates that one is read every eighteen years.

New parents may be at a loss when it comes to disciplining their child. What is the correct way to prevent a child from being bold? There is no easy answer to this, though many parents in the past resorted to using a wooden spoon to beat their children. Today, this is seen as a shameful and idiotic act. After all, if you are going to beat something surely you should use a whisk, not a spoon.

Those who have chosen not to have kids often find themselves with little to do during their middle-age. It becomes increasingly difficult for childless couples to have a night out as their social schedule is now dictated by the social schedule of their friends with kids. On the rare occasions that these friends can spare an evening, they usually must return to their children before midnight – thus saving the babysitter and her boyfriend from the curse of parenthood.

Indeed, raising a child is a difficult thing to do. However, it can also be one of the most rewarding things a person can do; Socrates once compared it to winning a karaoke competition. Parenting becomes especially similar to karaoke if your wife is having an affair, as you get the chance to screw up something somebody else created.