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Parenting Humor: Successful Modern Parenting Best Practices

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Some of you are probably wondering what parenting humor is. Sometimes, parenting becomes so difficult that you can’t even associate it with humor anymore. We get it. It was so simple in the olden days when parents could actually take care of their children, listen to their problems, and form a bond between each other. But now, with advanced technology, parenting is turning out to be a chaotic job for many of us.

Granted, parenting can be a tough nut to crack, but do we have to be so absorbed in technology? Do we have to refer to Google for every conflict that we have with our kids? When I was pregnant, I often referred to Google, but now I turn to it for absolutely everything! Many of us are guilty of that, but with our hectic schedules, it becomes impossible to take time out for family.

With apps to track everything, who has the time to interact with children anymore? I also have an app to check my son’s actual whereabouts whenever he says that he is going to a friend’s place. I definitely do not want to look a super-paranoid, obsessed mom, even if I am!

All characters appearing in these Parenting Humor articles are fictitious. Any resemblance to your life, I mean, to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Are you ready to laugh your worries away with some parenting humor?