Open Relationship

6 Must Follow Open Relationship Rules

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Couples who are having a tough time being with each other in a closely committed relationship can always follow certain open relationship rules to live their lives as they please, without having to part their ways.

An open relationship is one that does not bound the couple, forbidding them from seeing other people or dating them and from even having sexual relationships with them.

Of course the couple enters such a contract by mutual understanding and both the partners must follow open relationship rules for making it a success.

Open marriage is an alternate term used in case of couples who are legally married to each other and are not just living together as partners.

Regardless of how the society responds to people being in such a relationship, couples must stick to their decision once it is made.

The purpose of couples engaging in such an agreement has a lot more to do with their emotional coherence and tolerance towards each other rather than this being merely a sexually oriented decision.

Given below are open relationship rules that couples must adhere to