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Online Schools: What Are The Pros And Cons Of Earning A Degree Online?

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There’s no fighting it—just about everything is online today, from shopping to sports to schmoozing and, yes, online schools.

If you’ve been following the news even a little lately, than you’ll know that the world of higher education has been seeing some pretty low times of late.

While more kids are going to college than ever before, the unfathomable mountain of student debt hangs over us all like the Sword of Damocles.

Who’s Damocles?  A figure mentioned in an anecdote of Greco-Roman origin, the purpose of which is to illustrate the perilous nature of ambition and power, making it a useful reference point for Cicero, the Roman orator who built on Plato’s Symposium and Aristotle’s Rhetoric while himself being a useful reference point for everyone from Shakespeare’s Senators in Julius Caesar to the ones you see arguing day after day on MSNBC, FOX, and the BBC. And on and on.

The world around us is one of immense complexity and texture, layer after layer of learnable, usable facts, dates, concepts and ideas, and online schools can make it all the easier to access it all and put it to work!…Right?

That’s online schools will tell you, but what’s the truth?  Just what is the cost-benefit analysis of a four year degree at a “regular” school vs. the fast track offered by online universities?

Let’s look at these 6 pros and cons of online schools to help you make the right decision in deciding where to enroll next semester