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7 Things You Should Never Do in Online Relationships

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#7: Facebook Faux Pas

Finally, let’s close out our list with a few fatal Facebook faux pas you’ll want to avoid lest you blow your online relationship:

  • Like a picture of your partner from many years back? Great, it can be a fun chance for said partner to reminisce and share some new memories with you.  Do it a couple times?  Acceptable, if a little tedious at times.  Do it repeatedly, or for pictures of said partner when they’re far younger (see: high school and, if you’re older, early college) than should pique your interest?  Congratulations!  You’re suddenly coming off as a Facebook stalker—if not a real one—and probably creeping your partner out, so it’s probably best if you gave it a rest for a while.
  • Speaking of Likes, you don’t have to Like every post your partner makes. We get it.  Their friends get it.  They get it.  You like them and, to show that support, you’re now literally trying to Like them.  Doing it over and over is just like responding too quickly or too often, and we’ve already seen how that can backfire.
  • The same goes with Tagging. If you tag your partner in everything, especially in pictures they’re not even in, it can get old VERY fast.
  • Please, we beg of you—stop and think BEFORE sharing memes with your partner. Sure, that ‘make me a sammich girl’ joke might sound funny to you, but your partner miiight not be all too thrilled with it.  Online relationships, like regular ones, are in part about learning to see through another’s eyes.  Try and imagine your post from their point of view before upsetting your partner over a meme gone badly.
  • Remember that relationships mean taking into account the other people in that person’s life. You and your partner may be a shining example of an online relationship working well…and your partner starts getting text after text or message after message on Facebook about how insulting or annoying or downright awkward you are towards them.  Don’t force your partner to choose between real-life friends and an online beau, or before you know it you might just find yourself in the Unfriended Zone.

‘The course of true love never did run smooth’—so says the Bard.  Love isn’t always easy, especially when you’re separated by a few cities, or states, or in the case of Kaelyn and Lucy, an entire ocean.

That being said, they’ve made their relationship work, and have posted videos which really can provide you with even more advice on how to make things work long-term and long distance.  Between that, and these seven things you should never do in online relationships, hopefully All’s Well That Ends Well…and Skypes regularly, of course.