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7 Things You Should Never Do in Online Relationships

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#6: Not Making Time

As a rule of thumb, you want to do your best ahead of time to figure out when it’s most convenient for both you and your partner to message one another.

While it’s wrong to blow your partner off, as we’ve covered, sometimes it really is as simple as your being extremely busy or focused or just not able to message back via PMs or text or Facebook or whatever.  You might—gasp!—even find yourself in a location where your technology doesn’t work.

And that’s OK.  It happens.  That’s why you work to schedule things ahead of time, including Skype chats.  Or, if you’re committed to ruining your online relationship, you fail to do so whatsoever.

Blowing your partner off is bad enough, but simply not making time for them at any juncture shines the spotlight on just how unimportant they are to you—or at least that’s how it will seem.  You can’t possibly be busy 24/7/365, so find times during the day or a specific day during which you can log on and chat for a while, if only to show you care.

Otherwise, you may find yourself on the scrapheap of online relationships.