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7 Things You Should Never Do in Online Relationships

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#4: Cheating Via a Dating Site

Trust is an absolute must in any relationship.  If communication makes up the building blocks of a relationship, trust is one of the things you start building from the start, and frankly never stop building, since it can always be stronger.

Even if you’ve known someone for decades, there’s always a way in which you can add to that trust factor just a little more and thereby increase the strength and intimacy of your relationship, romantic or otherwise.

However, when it comes to online relationships, some feel they can ‘get away with’ more on this front.  This is and shouldn’t be the case.

DO NOT cheat on your partner by searching dating sites, flirting, or just ‘looking around’ online.  We’ll get to perhaps the Internet’s most notorious example this side of 4Chan and sad college dorm rooms in a moment, but by and large, please recognize that cheating is hurtful, despicable, and a sign that you’re not just about to blow your online relationship but, if you can’t commit or resist temptations, you probably shouldn’t have one to begin with