One Sided Relationship

5 Signs You Are in a One Sided Relationship

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#3: Avoiding Major Issues

Most couples are usually eager to sort out their differences by discussing it. This happens at one point of time or another in every relationship.

However, in a one sided relationship, this is pretty much different due to the fact that only one person will be willing to do this as the other person will simply not care or give importance to this aspect of their relationship.

We, as couples, face a lot of issues during the time we stay with each other and while some may be petty, others may be quite huge and should need clearing as soon as possible.

Whatever sort of issue it is, a point should be made of discussing it at the earliest convenience for the purpose of avoiding any kind of misunderstanding in the long run but if the partner is not really paying attention to this at all, then there really is nothing to discuss.

Clearly, such individuals don’t want the relationship to work out and are in there for just some fun, making it an obvious one sided relationship.

Moreover, when the concerned party goes on to discuss the issue in hopes of finally achieving a conclusion to put it all behind, the partner goes on to ignore that fully by giving vague comments and/or completely disappearing in or after the act.

These signs make it clear about the kind of relationship one is into and the scary part is that it could happen to anyone.

Hence, whether it is a girl or a boy, anybody can be in this kind of a relationship and it can turn out to be very frightening, not to forget the fact that it definitely hurts a lot.