One Sided Relationship

5 Signs You Are in a One Sided Relationship

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Are you in a one sided relationship? The name itself is self-explanatory and shows that this kind of a relationship includes only one person doing what has to be done by both individuals in a relationship.

Such relationships have become immensely common over the past couple of years and studies have revealed that people may be in one of these more often than they know.

A one sided relationship can turn pretty bad in the long run, especially when the unfairly treated party recognizes what is being done to them.

Therefore, one should try and recognize signs of being in a one sided relationship as soon as possible as that it most likely to save them the time, trouble and heartache when it is over.

Love hurts a lot and that’s a given but it should be with someone that at least deserves taking a risk for, rather than suffering in a relationship where the other person does not care about their partner at all.

Both men and women can be victims of such relationships and the aftermath can leave a lot of strain in a person’s life, not to mention the emotional scars.

If you’re worried that you’re in a one sided relationship, read on to see the signs to recognize it and hopefully, you might be able to save yourself in time