No Strings Attached Dating

5 No Strings Attached Dating Tips for Your Eyes Only

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No strings attached dating or Dating Just for Fun? The following tips are for your eyes only—keep them in mind, and you are sure to strike gold when it comes to just for fun flings and nights on the town!

Is there any more vicarious, wish fulfillment-fueled figure than Bond—James Bond?  007 has been living that fast-paced, Live and Let Die life for more than 50 years now, and whether it’s the ever-suave Pierce Brosnan, the eternally-masculine Sean Connery, or current A-lister Daniel Craig holding down the role, the world’s favorite 00-agent has had more than his share of one-off, just for fun affairs.

But how does no strings attached dating works out in real life?  After all, the world of James Bond can be a pretty unrealistic one—ejector seats, invisible cars, elaborate doomsday devices and Timothy Dalton pretending to be charismatic.

Here, we have we have detailed 5 no strings attached dating tips for your eyes only