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9 Must Follow Rules in a New Relationship

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#8: Be Truthful

There is no wisdom in lying about oneself. Men and women both are equally responsible for relationships going bad because one of them does not turn out to be as good as he or she claimed in the first place.

People have a habit of exaggerating about themselves in several ways. For instance, a man can rent a Ferrari and get people to think of it as his own. Sometimes, individuals can also lie in order to hide their past.

Always remember that it’s best to be truthful. That way, you won’t get caught and get embarrassed later. I had an incident where I resorted to lying when I couldn’t be bold enough to speak the truth.

One lie leads to another and before you know it, you have a string of lies to deal with. It went on to a point where I had eve forgotten about what I had actually told my partner in the first place! So, take my advice and never lie if you really want to continue with your relationship. This applies to all old and new relationships as well.

Some people can also lie about their ex-girlfriends and boyfriends. Remember that these lies can be fatal to your relationship later. There is nothing wrong in admitting about your exes. None of us are perfect.

Though it may seem unnecessary when a new relationship is in the making, people must always confess about their past so that there is no problem in the future. However, if you have a past you’re absolutely not comfortable about, you don’t need to talk about it.