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Never Give Up – Prove Them Wrong

In Self Esteem by Interconnected Lives

Arthur Boorman, being the determined person he was, started yoga and steered his life into a different direction. With resolute focus to gain control of his life back, he realized that he could control at least three important factors in his life – the way he thought, the way he breathed and the food he ate.

Until then, Arthur Boorman had felt like a victim of misfortune but he slowly realized that he could gain victory and overcome his plight only when he stopped thinking negatively.

There’s something we have to learn here. Sometimes, we experience situations that are completely out of our control; however, we need to stop whining about our pitiful state and move ahead by analyzing the positive aspects of any problem and never, never give up.

Arthur Boorman, for instance, could have succumbed to the complications that accumulated against him; however, he chose to embrace his life and stopped thinking of himself as a victim. In addition, Arthur Boorman reminded himself that his injuries weren’t permanent and that he could fix it, if he chose to. Needless to say, he proved everyone wrong and never gave up.

Similarly we all need to remember that if we truly believe in ourselves and set goals, nothing becomes arduous anymore. We all have our bad days, sure, but the way we bounce back and face challenges is what matters ultimately.

Of course, there is no guarantee that we will win every time because sometimes in life, things are just not meant to happen, but it is extremely important to try, give it our best and never give up.

Every one of us have had negative thoughts at some point in life, because after all, we are just human, but the moment we erase negative influences and stay positive, life won’t seem so hard at all. Last but not the least – we must never give up, ever.

Many of us have gone through various phases in life and while some can be forgotten easily, some of them can never be eliminated from our memory. Some people rise to the challenge and face them alone, even though they lack support.

Have you ever tackled a problem that was impossible to overcome? Did you face your problems alone or did you surrender to them? I’m very sure that many of you have conquered your troublesome issues. You must know that life doesn’t give us challenges that we cannot overcome!

So share your story with us and tell us what made you succeed. Whether you’re a single parent or a victim suffering from unfortunate incidents, we would love to hear how you overcame your adversities and proved everyone wrong! Because you never give up!