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Never Give Up – Prove Them Wrong

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Having said that, some of us struggle with problems that can never be solved and health issues are something that aren’t in our control. However, life always gives a second chance and the point is to live life in a way that makes you proud, as long as you’re alive and never give up. I have read several motivational stories but what glues me to them is the way those individuals displayed their strength even when they faced the worst phase of their life.

never give up 2 never give up Never Give Up - Prove Them Wrong never give up 2Life is unpredictable and you can never foresee the future, but the moment we learn to channel our negative energy into something positive, we’re halfway there already!

We publish these stories of great men and women so that you get an inkling into how they tackled misfortunes and we hope that you gain something invaluable from them too.

Believe in yourself and remember that there’s nothing impossible for you, no matter how tough it may seem, never give up.

According to us, the common thread that connects these people is strong belief and motivation that never ceases to die. After all, it is our own journey and we can choose to take the path that makes the light shine at the end of the tunnel.

Apart from the other never give up stories that have stunned and inspired me, the tale of Arthur Boorman, a disabled veteran of the very first Persian Gulf War, has made me look at life from a different perspective.
Weighing 300 pounds at one point of time, Arthur Boorman was obese and suffered physically and mentally.

He could only walk with the help of leg braces and crutches, and often needed help for every simple task in life. Arthur Boorman also had to wear a back brace and suffered from Sleep Apnea. Pretty soon, things looked bleak for him as the threat of a heart attack or stroke loomed large in the horizon…