Being Cheated On

How Can I Ever Move On After Being Cheated On?

In Marriage by Interconnected Lives

 #4: Know That Many Good Couples Go Through a Rough Patch and They Survived Infidelity

It may not offer you any comfort at first, but when you are ready to gain perspective then think about this. Understanding the reason that they cheated or the mindset will help both of you moving forward.

Beyond that though you must also think about the fact that even the best of couples go through some difficulties and infidelity statistics are high. It may be cheating or a breakup or something else, but the rough patches may help you to be stronger in the long run.

#5: Let the Cheater Work for It A Little

It’s not to say that you’re being hard on them, but do be sure that you let them work for you a little. You have been hurt and your trust has been violated, and now it’s up to them to take control.

They need to show you that they care and so you must sit back and let them work for you a little bit to prove that they are in it for the long term.

#6: Know Your Limits and Communicate Them

If there were things leading up to the cheating that you weren’t comfortable with, such as a relationship that they had, then now is the time to talk those through.

Since a trust has been broken, the only way to build it up again is to talk through what went wrong and discuss limits that you can both set in the relationship.