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Six Motivational Speeches to Warm Your Heart and Fire the Soul

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This one’s incredibly recent, but it bares remembrance, and certainly bears mentioning here, as it’s easily one of the most motivational speeches on American soil not just of 2014, but indeed, of this decade so far.

Lauren Hill is a college student who loves basketball with an unyielding passion, and aspirations to play at the collegiate level.  That much about her is normal, something she shares in common with millions of men and women across the world.

Lauren Hill also happens to suffer from inoperable brain cancer.  This, again, is—sadly—something she shares with millions of men and women worldwide.

What sets Lauren Hill apart is her ability to not let the latter in any way dwarf her drive towards the former or, indeed, eclipse her vibrant personality in any way whatsoever.

She’s even gotten her face on a box of Wheaties.

Lauren Hill and Lou Gehrig are definitely two athletes and human beings cut from the same special cloth.  Both used/have used the time they had/have remaining to them to do more for others, and be grateful for their accomplishments.

Theirs are motivational speeches not because they’re the kind of defiantly-triumphant speeches of Shakespeare or Churchill, but simply because they themselves, in their life stories and their being, are inspirations to us all.

May Lauren Hill continue to have as many more great days as possible, and may her life and words continue to serve as an inspiration to all in search of motivational speeches to life them to the heights which she, in her utmost humility, has already ascended.