Mother Daughter Relationships

How to Improve Mother Daughter Relationships

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The matter of mother daughter relationships is an interesting case in terms of how and why we examine it.

There are a ton of famous stories revolving around the father son relationship, from Luke Skywalker finding out that (spoiler!) Darth Vader is his father to Shakespeare’s Henriad to the struggle between Zeus and Cronus, Oedipus (unknowingly) slaying his father, a seemingly endless number of comedies where the father’s a workaholic—heck, the great Russian author Ivan Turgenev went so far as to title an entire novel of us Fathers and Sons.

By contrast, while Elizabeth Gaskell authored Wives and Daughters, the mother/daughter relationship overall has been all too often neglected by comparison.  With the exception of the first subsection of this article, the examples on the following pages are all far more recent than those father son counterparts.

Problems in mother daughter relationships can take quite a few forms, and so we’ll be taking a look at how the past, present, and future can call impact matters too.

So, well in advance of Mother’s Day here is a guide on what to do (and avoid) when it comes to mother daughter relationships