Monogamous Relationship

5 Signs your Boyfriend Isn’t Ready for a Monogamous Relationship

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A monogamous relationship includes two people who are sexually exclusive to each other only.

This means that they do not go on and take more partners outside of the relationship, making sure that they are only available for each other throughout the process.

Monogamy have become rather common these days but there are also many individuals who do not follow this practice and can be seen to be in what are called open relationships’.

Polygamous relationships are the complete opposite of a monogamous relationship where two individuals do not cheat on each other or prefer to have more partners than the one they already have committed to.

According to many experts on relationships, mostly men can be seen to be staying away from a monogamous relationship simply due to the fact that they do not wish to put a restriction on their partners.

Even though women can be seen to be following the same practice as well, it is mostly men that are not ready for monogamy even with the partner of their choosing.

There are many ways through which a woman can spot whether or not her man wishes to be in an exclusive relationship and if you’re confused about your man, read on to understand these signs that your boyfriend is not ready for a monogamous relationship