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Stress Management: 7 Powerful Mindfulness Exercises To Try Right Now

In Self Confidence by Interconnected Lives

Mindfulness exercises is another one of Buddhism’s wise practices.

Mindfulness is the deliberate, tolerant and non-judgmental exertion of one’s attention on sensations, emotions and thoughts stirring in the current moment – the now.

Mindfulness can be gained by focusing one’s attention on meditational practices and by getting trained in Buddhist anapanasati.

Mindfulness exercises help us alleviate our moment to moment focus on the smallest things around us – not just the things which we see and feel physically but also the ones that are abstract.

It also includes not remembering something in the past or thinking about something to do in the future and be intimidated by it. It is the practice of helping you untangle.

I have been practicing mindfulness for a couple of years now and for me – the exercises are almost like a reflex every time I get upset. In fact, mindfulness has become such a huge part of my life that I dedicate my weekends to try and help others suffering from depression and anxiety to calm down a little and be sure of themselves.

I have also had a number of friends tell me that I need to teach them a few exercises to help them unravel. Therefore, I decided to write this article to help people understand mindfulness and how it works.

Here are 7 mindfulness exercises you should try