7 Reasons Why I Gave In and Decided to Hire a Matchmaker

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#4: Lack of a Social Life

As mentioned earlier, I had a very hectic life and could barely find time for myself, let alone for others. I had very few friends and could not bet on one guy committing with me in a relationship. Most people are very busy nowadays, just like me.

Throw in the fact that people are shy and socially awkward sometimes, and they rarely get to experience social life. Added to that, it’s unprofessional to get involved in a relationship at the workplace too.

Many workplaces actively discourage starting relationships at work and require couples to report to the managers if a relationship at work is initiated. Therefore, looking for a partner at work is not an option. This is why one goes to a matchmaker.

It makes no sense to spoil one’s professional life (the very reason why one lacks a personal life) by starting a relationship at work.

With a matchmaker, one can specifically mention the organization one works at and ask the matchmaker to strictly avoid even mentioning a match at work (in case it instigates some unwanted interest).
A professional matchmaker will be able to get a partner who may be interested in what one does but not necessarily work in the same industry so people can get time “off” from working with their loved one.