7 Reasons Why I Gave In and Decided to Hire a Matchmaker

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#2: Some People Are Just Bad At Dating

Let’s admit it; some people are just not good at dating. Unfortunately I happen to be amongst such people.

I never thought I would be able to make a good impression on any man while dating him. Not everyone is cut out to be a social success – some people are just naturally shy and socially awkward.

The tradition of going out on first dates and talking and getting to know one another just does not work for some people. I was shy and would wonder about how I would get to know the man.

It came to a point where I would search for excuses to not go out. It was frustrating and I realized that the only option I had was to hire a matchmaker.

Experts also say that dating nowadays has become more of a game than an actual outing to get to know each other. Many women do not appreciate having to play coy and mysterious. Not that you really need to do it on dates, but I used to struggle with it.

Men, on the other hand, are expected to be brooding personalities with the world at their feet. However, not every person in the world is like that. Therefore, it is better to hire a matchmaker and go out with someone who understands you.