7 Reasons Why I Gave In and Decided to Hire a Matchmaker

In Dating, Dating Advice for Women by Interconnected Lives

#1: Busy Schedule

Women and men today are equally busy in their professional lives and so was I. I used to work two jobs in order to pay for my mortgage and car.

At the end of it all, I had absolutely no time for myself.  With schedules no longer limited to the conventional nine to five timings, hiring a matchmaker is really the only option left to many single workers like myself.

People today are extremely busy making a name for themselves in their relative fields and in order to truly make a mark in one’s chosen industry, it really is necessary to put in extra hours beyond the ones required by the job. Therefore, many people unapologetically sacrifice their personal lives for their professional ones in a jiffy.

Moreover, many people have to balance their professional lives with being family favorites. Members of their family continue to ask them to give time to them.

When men and women are not working, they mostly spend time with their families, their parents and their cousins. In such a busy life, they cannot casually visit bars to catch someone’s eye or visit online websites from time to time.

Therefore, the only viable option they have left is to seek the services of a matchmaker. Through this process, they only have to take out time once on any given day.