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6 Unique Ways to Spice Up Your Marriage Vows

In Marriage by Interconnected Lives

As Frank Sinatra sang, “Every happy plot, ends with a marriage knot”—but what about those pesky marriage vows which come afterward?

Even the Chairman of the Board might have a little trouble there himself, as marriage vows can be pretty tricky.

After all, there’s so much pressure surrounding them.  Plucking up the courage to ask someone out, having a good first date (or rebounding from a bad one), continuing to see one another, going steady, falling in love, getting down on one knee and popping the question, planning the wedding, walking down the aisle, turning to look at your “dearly beloved,” the person you’re ready to spend your entire life with, and…

And now it’s all come down to THIS, with everyone looking at YOU…!

That’s a lot of buildup, and it’s enough to leave even the most slick crooners and poets a little tongue-tied.  What’s more, even if you manage to get through the big moment without losing your mind (or your lunch), there’s always the danger of boring your bride or groom, to say nothing of your friends and families.

Never fear, however—here are six ways to tell that special other one “In other words, please be true, In other words, I love you” as you “Fly [Them] to the Moon” by adding a little spice to those marriage vows, as well as what follows them