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Marriage Quiz: Are You Ready to Get Married?

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Hello again, everyone, and now it’s time for everyone’s favorite reality show, I mean marriage quiz, where the stakes are high and the game never ends—’Are You Ready to Get Married?’

That may seem silly, but in a world where shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette continue to loom large on ABC, it wouldn’t be the first time our society’s transformed marriage into a ‘marry’-go-round of sorts (and believe us, it won’t be the last.)

What’s more, as Catherine Rampell opined back in 2012 for the New York Times, there is evidence to show that ‘Marriage is for Rich People,’ so even if you feel you’re ‘marriage material’ and ‘really really really ready to get married,’ you still have socio-economic factors to contend with.

One thing to keep in mind is that marriage is not to be be-all and end-all when it comes to showing love towards someone.

We can all think of enough books, shows and Meg Ryan movies where love and marriage are not synonymous—the former should always come before the latter.  Marriage is not (as ABC would have you believe) a content.

These quizzes can help give you the beginning of an idea as to whether or not you’re ready to get married…and all without weeks upon weeks of agonizing reality television interviews.

Let’s take these 5 marriage quizzes to find out if you are ready to get married

  • Quiz #1: Are you a marriage material?
  • Quiz #2: Are you really really ready to get married?
  • Quiz #3: Is he ready to marry you?
  • Quiz #4: Which age will you get married?
  • Quiz #5: How long will your marriage last?

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