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#3: 3 Amazing New ‘Dating’ App Ideas for Moms – Marriage Humor

Being  married with children means needing mom friends who are enjoying the same glamorous  day-in-day-out baby-related activities like cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, and going to the park.

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Ready for a New Exciting and Glamorous Day?

But it’s not any easier for moms out there to figure out which moms they want to hang out with than it is for singles-seeking-singles to find each other on the dating scene.

The solution?  A platonic ‘dating’ app for moms.  Hey, they may not be trying to hook up in the sexual sense, but ‘hooking up’ for a playdate will become a lot easier if moms at least know where to look.

Here are some ideas for mom-friendly versions of the current dating apps that are sweeping the scene

1. OkStupid

OkCupid seems to work for bringing together the more intellectually curious daters, so why not use that same technology for moms? In this one, users will fill in information about themselves and compare their dislikes of annoyingly-oversimplified things that kids are supposed to enjoy, like that show called Doc McStuffins.  Seriously? That’s a show? Yeah, you get the idea.

2. Kinder

Like the popular swiping app Tinder, this one will be the same, minus all the sexual innuendos and intentions.  On Kinder, moms will be able to swipe their way through various pictures of other moms, swiping left for 90’s high-wasted jeans and pretentious pixie cuts or scrolling right for cool jogging strollers and hip vegan hand-knit baby carriers.

3. How ‘Bout We

Okay, so no clever name for this one, but at least we took out an extra syllable to save those busy moms some time. In this app, moms will be able to post ideas for fun outings such as ‘How about we chug a bottle of champagne then take the kids to the creek for an impromptu duck petting zoo?’ This way, they can connect with other moms who are down with day drinking and wild-animal groping while avoiding the ones who are too square to ever consider drinking before noon.

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