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Marriage Humor: It’s a Wonderful Life. Oh! Wait Just a Minute…

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#1: Evolution of Marriage – Marriage Humor 

To fall in love and get married has been the goal of human beings for thousands of years. Originally, marriage was based on love and commitment but quickly became nothing more than a business arrangement; sort of like Starbucks.

Wealthy merchants and landowners took to auctioning off their daughters to the highest bidder, making this the only auction where well-off old men were willing to spend a fortune on something less than two decades old.

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This trend continued down the centuries and has only recently begun to die out. Nowadays, the majority of western couples choose to marry out of love and celebrate their dedication to one another in the form of a lavish ceremony.

Here, they can get a glimpse of their future when they have to seat the groom’s father and mother at separate tables.

In recent years, society has become more and more open minded towards same-sex marriage. When one attends a gay wedding, they will learn that it is just like any other wedding they have been to; some people will laugh and some people will shed tears of joy.If it is a male wedding, the two grooms will wear tuxedos while at a female wedding the two brides will also wear tuxedos.

In many parts of the world, gay marriage is still illegal. In fact, in some countries homosexuality is illegal for anybody who is not a politician or millionaire.

It today’s world, the marriage proposal is often times more elaborate that the wedding itself; YouTube is full of videos of meticulously planned proposals designed to make the woman feel as awkward as possible. These videos can be extremely entertaining, especially if the proposal is rejected. In these instances, the rejected partner will embark on a new life of vlogs (video blogs) and pity sex.

Marriage is a corner stone our world and is an ever changing concept. Who can say what the future holds for marriage? Inter-species marriage? Inter-couple marriage? One thing is for sure, there will continue to be no intercourse.