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Marriage Humor: It’s a Wonderful Life. Oh! Wait Just a Minute…

In Relationship Humor by Interconnected Lives

The concept of marriage humor is difficult to explain, so I will not try either. Like other girls of my age, I dreamed about marrying my prince charming – someone who would sweep me off my feet. Maybe someone like Antonio Banderas in the ‘Original Sin’ or Richard Gere in ‘Pretty woman’? Yeah, that is what I had in mind, someone who would be a combination of kinky, caring and sexy – my perfect husband.

However, once I got married, I realized that I had watched the wrong movies. I mean, I’m not saying that my husband is awful, but really, a perfect husband/wife? Is that even possible? I do love my husband, but my marriage is definitely not what I had envisioned.

Once our honeymoon period ended, life happened. Now, we set dates to have sex, because either he’s too tired or I’m just not in the mood.

So, once I realized that I was just naïve, I stopped watching sickly romantic movies that painted a pretty picture. And it’s not the case only with me; I have noticed many people go through this. Marriage humor can be wicked and I have a firsthand account of it.

All characters appearing in these Marriage Humor articles are fictitious. Any resemblance to your life, I mean, to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. 

Are you ready to laugh your worries away with some marriage humor?