Marriage Advice for Women

Top 10 Things Your Husband Wants From You: Marriage Advice for Women

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#4: Forgiveness

The best way to curb resentment in a marriage is to forgive and forget. During one’s married life, they are likely to face with many issues.

They are also highly likely to see their men make big, grave mistakes where the family is concerned. People who offer expert marriage advice for women suggest that they make their men realize, through passive means, that they have made a mistake.

It is very important for women to ensure that they accomplish this task in an indirect way, without disrespecting their husband and making it obvious that they have blundered.

Once the man realizes his mistake and confesses (either verbally or by signaling it), it is the wife’s job to forgive and move on. Don’t rub it in the man’s face even if you’re tempted to do it!