Marriage Advice for Women

Top 10 Things Your Husband Wants From You: Marriage Advice for Women

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#3: Husbands Want To Be Put Before the Kids

Don’t get it wrong; men love their children immensely too. However, when it comes to their wives, they expect them to put them before the kids.

It is understandable that many mothers would not want to agree to give this to their men. The best marriage advice for women in this regard would be to make it at least look like they are putting their husbands before all else. It is true that one cannot take care of one’s children if their marriage is in shambles.

Therefore, take care of the husband first, or at least look like the husband comes before all else, and then look after the children. Children are important, yes; but they will become adults and leave the house permanently. If one does not have a husband, they will suffer from eternal loneliness.