Marriage Advice for Women

Top 10 Things Your Husband Wants From You: Marriage Advice for Women

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You get a lot of people dishing out marriage advice for women, but does it really work? The thing about men is that they don’t want women who are high maintenance and always want to be pampered.

It is only natural that even the most laid back of women often fail at being low maintenance. While a few times in a few months are okay, men really will not tolerate an attention seeking spoilt brat.

The best marriage advice for women often comes directly from their mothers. They tell their girls early on that while women love pampering men and taking care of them, men often don’t feel the same way.

They will provide one with the necessities needed but they will rarely ever coddle or babysit their wives. While not every man is like that, most men prefer being showered with love rather than the other way ‘round.

Women seem to have a hundred windows of emotions open in their minds and hearts all at once. Men find it hard to process them individually and make head or tail of them.

When it comes to the kind of women men want to marry, these are women who are ready to make sacrifices without losing their integrity. Men understand that there are specific things no one can live without. Barring those things, however, men want their women to be practical and strong.

Here are ten things men want in a wife