Love Rejection

How to Overcome the Pain of a Love Rejection

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#4: Repairing Your Self Esteem after Love Rejection

The unfortunate truth is that when it happens we are often vastly underprepared and cannot properly process the transpiring of such events. We’re at a loss to explain why it didn’t work out and the experience tends to haunt us for a good deal after, affecting yet more of our interpersonal relationships.

Sometimes the chemistry just isn’t enough and you’ll feel like things ended abruptly without warning or even a reason. If you are offered a straight up answer as to why things weren’t working, accept it as fact and move on.

And if you’re given the whole, ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ speech or some other cliché, know that you can believe them. Don’t let someone else’s hang-ups become your problem – your self esteem will thank you for it.