Love Rejection

How to Overcome the Pain of a Love Rejection

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#1: How Many Love Rejections Are Too Many?

Love Rejection 2 love rejection How to Overcome the Pain of a Love Rejection Love Rejection 2Rejection can be a common occurrence when you put yourself out there and what’s important to remember is not what they made you feel but what you felt when you were happy.  The difference is subtle but the distinction is important.

If you’ve dated and had any experience with love rejection you’re probably more familiar with the feeling then you’d ever care to be.

The most difficult aspect of the situation is trying not to take it personally.

The normal reaction to rejection is blame, and we often tend to criticize ourselves until we believe that we were somehow at fault. It might be normal but it certainly isn’t healthy.

Love is a numbers game of sorts and if baseball players can shake off missing seven or eight pitches in a single innings, you can make peace with the process of rejection and come out with a whole new lease on life.