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7 Celebrities Love Quotes to Delight and Inspire You

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Sir Paul McCartney couldn’t get enough of “Silly Love Songs,” and we just can’t get enough of celebrity love quotes.

Celebrities tend to know a thing or two about love—the good, the bad, and the Brangelina. Even in the age before talentless hordes—sorry, “reality stars”—became a sensation, celebrities have been

This is actually a tendency that can be traced through the centuries and royal courts around the world.

Kings, queens, royals and aristocrats really were, in many ways, some of the first “celebrities” in the world.

After all, the word “celebrity” shares a root with “celebrate,” and so even in the Dark Ages, when few could read or write, the names of royals and religious figures would have been celebrated—and so might well count as some of the first “celebrities.”

Of course, as long as there have been celebrities, there have been power couples and celebrity love quotes.

Julius Caesar and Cleopatra were and remain the epitome of a “power couple,” while Cleopatra’s love affair with Marc Antony following Caesar’s assassination was forever immortalized by Shakespeare in Antony and Cleopatra.

Wherein the Queen of the Nile famously says “I have Immortal longings in me.”  Henry VIII and his six different wives would’ve been splashed across tabloids and TMZ today.

From the expenditures and impotence of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette to the intrigue surrounding JFK and Norma Jean (more on that in a bit) here are some of the greatest love quotes from celebrities of all-time