Love Hate Relationship

7 Signs You Are in a Love Hate Relationship

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A love hate relationship is very common among couples now, but it could lead to several issues in a couple’s life.

Let’s imagine you’re in a relationship with this hot, irresistible handsome hunk. You probably like him and want to be around him to share your life with him, but on the other hand, you realize that at times you can’t even bear to sit and talk to him. Sound familiar?

Well, that’s the first sign of a love hate relationship and since these situations can confuse even the brightest of people, I have compiled a list of signs you need to look for whenever you feel that you’re in a love hate relationship.

Relationships are somewhat full of highs and lows and while it could make you deliriously happy one moment, it can completely leave you heart-broken the next.

Some couples are lucky to be blessed with stable relationships and although some of them tend to get bored with such relationships, they realize their folly later.

It’s not a crime to be involved in an intense love hate relationship but is the emotional upheaval really worth it?

If you’re constantly wondering about your relationship and are unsure about how to proceed with warning bells ringing in your head, read on to identify these 7 signs that you are in a love hate relationship.