Losing My Virginity

What I Learned After Losing My Virginity

In Dating Advice for Women by Interconnected Lives

There are several experiences that could change a woman’s life, and after losing my virginity, I can safely say that it is one among those experiences.

I wish someone had told me what it would be like to lose virginity. I was 25 years old and although this might sound unbelievable to people, I just didn’t get the chance to indulge physically with anyone before that.

As a late bloomer, I usually took my time before doing anything. My friends were ahead of me in everything but none of their stories had prepared me to what I would feel after losing my virginity.

This article is dedicated to all those women and girls who have struggled with confusion whenever they did something for the first time.

Along my journey, I learned quite a few things after losing my virginity and I hope that you will be able to learn from my experiences