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Lizzie Velasquez: Learn To Love Yourself First

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Lizzie Velasquez was not going to give in to all the negativities that enveloped her. Making the right choice of not letting her physical appearance define her, this young girl realizes and begins to see the opportunities that lay before her.

‘What others call me or think of me does not matter. My life is in my hands, I can choose my life to be really good or I can choose my life to be really bad.’ With this attitude in mind she recalled all that she had gone through right from the days of kindergarten through to the day she was labeled the World’s ugliest.

Transforming her hurdles and obstacles in life into instigators, a very strong Lizzie Velasquez set goals with the firm belief and hope of letting only her success define her.

She worked hard, spending days and nights all in favor of her goals.  Every time she needed a push to work harder she would think of all the cruel comments and remarks she had received. This motivated her and kindled her interests to somehow achieve her targets.

She would get sick all the time due to a poor immune system; she could not tire herself a lot, she had to eat healthy on a regular basis, within every 15-20 minutes if she was to stay alive. In the face of all these stumbling blocks and more, young Lizzie Velasquez achieved her goals in style.

She proudly exhibited her potential to the world, proving doctors, colleagues and many others wrong!

Majoring in communication studies, Lizzie Velasquez graduated from Texas state university and is also an author of two books, Be Beautiful, Be Youlizzie velasquez Lizzie Velasquez: Learn To Love Yourself First ir t yougotdatecom 20 l as2 o 1 a B0099RZVUE and Lizzie Beautiful, the Lizzie Velasquez Storylizzie velasquez Lizzie Velasquez: Learn To Love Yourself First ir t yougotdatecom 20 l as2 o 1 a 0982519001. She has also triumphantly achieved yet another of her goals of being a motivational speaker.

She is now one of the most eminent public speakers for the moving speeches she is known to have delivered. Lizzie believes she has far more to go and a lot more to achieve. Looking back on life Lizzie now sees her syndrome as a blessing from God.