living together before marriage

Living Together Before Marriage: 10 Questions to Ask Before Moving In

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So, are you thinking about living together before marriage? Millions of couples are living together before marriage in this modern world and it’s safe to say that you won’t look weird if you decide not to wait until your marriage.

It’s time we stop worrying about old ideals and take a step where we have the power to control our own lives.

Right now, it’s a question of ‘when’ you’re going to do it, as opposed to the ‘if’ that existed decades ago.

Earlier, the entire ‘live-in relationship’ was considered a stigma and couples worried about divorces even before they got married, just because they were living together.

However, as times have changed, many people accept the fact that a couple may not necessarily end up divorcing each other because they took a step further.

That being said, many couples separate from each other after many years of courtship. Just after they move in together, they realize they were probably hasty or were ignorant of certain questions that could have been asked before they made the decision.

‘Are we heading towards divorce?’ ‘Are we going to make it?’ I get it. We all have these questions lingering in our minds, but honestly there’s no simple answer to any of them.

Your decisions will impact your life and only you are on control of changing them so that you don’t suffer in the future.

Therefore, since the rate of cohabitation is increasing along with the fears of divorcing each other amongst couples, it’s a good idea to make sure that you know exactly what you’re heading into.

I’m sure it’s very tempting to stay with your partner and plan your future together, but before you take that step, understand that you must be mentally prepared for everything that lies ahead of you.

Let’s take a look at 10 questions you need to address if you are thinking about living together before marriage