Lesbian Relationship Advice

Lesbian Relationship Advice to Put the Spice Back in your Love Life

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Looking for Lesbian relationship advice and how to put the spice back into your relationship? Here we have detailed just a few tips and tricks for fixing, improving, and spicing up your relationship.

Djuna Barnes’ Nightwood stands as simultaneously one of the unsung masterpieces of the Modernist era, garnering the praise of critics as well as an endorsement and written introduction by the legendary T.S. Eliot, as well as a favorite of Queer Studies courses everywhere for depicting something highly unique in the Western literary canon—a lesbian love triangle.

So Barnes gives us a love triangle, and a lesbian relationship that, for one reason or another, run aground and don’t exactly end well.  How can you avoid that?

What’s to be done when you and your partner hit the rocks—and how can you avoid that and keep your relationship not just afloat, but sailing off to sunnier shores?

Do not worry, we came up with this Lesbian relationship advice list to help you to put your relationship back on track