Lesbian First Date

How To Create A Perfect Lesbian First Date

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#3: Make Her Feel Connected

Lesbian First Date 6 lesbian first date How To Create A Perfect Lesbian First Date Lesbian First Date 6With your date all planned out, you will be able to focus on making a connection with the girl. Bring her a flower or a small chocolate when you meet her for the date.

This will make her feel special and open to connecting with you. Remember to keep your phone away throughout the date as well.

With technology rampant these days, many women are desperately looking for a deeper connection. Focus on her and not technology throughout the date!

#4: Listen To Her

Another easy way to create an incredible first date for your girl is to actually listen to her. Remember, women love to talk!

Instead of talking about yourself the whole time, focus on asking about her life. Strive to dive deeper and connect with her by asking her follow up questions once she responds. While the conversation should flow naturally, she should be doing at least two-thirds of the talking.