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5 Great Lesbian Dating Tips for Lesbian Singles on the Quest for Love

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#5: Balancing Mom Time with Date Time 

Ah, the classic dilemma of any single parent looking to date—how can you possibly find enough time in the oh-so-fleeting 24 hours of the day for both your old and new loves alike?  Balancing date time with mom time, especially when you’re first starting out, can be difficult.Lesbian Dating Tips  lesbian dating tips 5 Great Lesbian Dating Tips for Lesbian Singles on the Quest for Love Lesbian Dating Tips 6

And your partner should know that.

So consider this an early test—if your partner can’t understand that sometimes you just have to cancel your dinner date because Junior’s sick, or you have to drive him or her somewhere for school, or any of the other thousand trials any parent can relate to, then they’re not the person for you.

It doesn’t mean they’re not a lovely person, and it doesn’t even mean that you can’t still be friends.  It might just be as simple as you being in one place in your life and your would-be partner being in a completely different place.  After all, the worlds of ‘eligible bachelorette’ and ‘soccer mom’ don’t exactly intersect with ease.

If your partner really wants to be with you long-term, they’ll understand that mom time has to come before date time, or if you have to cancel a few times in the short-term.

As your relationship progresses, you may want to see how your partner feels about ‘family’ events and going out with both you and your child—after all, if this relationship is going to become serious, seeing how well your partner likes and can interact with your child is another extremely important step.

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