Kama Sutra Positions

Kama Sutra Positions: Secrets of Extreme Pleasure Explained

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Aadishthana or Standing Kama Sutra positions

Kama Sutra Positions 10 kama sutra positions Kama Sutra Positions: Secrets of Extreme Pleasure Explained Kama Sutra 10The standing Kama Sutra positions offered incredible stimulation for both the man and woman but it required a lot of skill.

They were meant for people who didn’t have an access to a bed as the lovers could make love while standing.

It promised adventure and pleasure if it was performed well.

#9: The Avalambitaka or Suspended Kama Sutra Positions

This Kama Sutra position stated that the man stand against a wall while the woman sits in his cradled hands. She loops her arms around the man’s neck and positions herself firmly by gripping his waist, using her thighs. Once they make love, she can push her feet against the wall to gain momentum and pleasure.

My body felt like it was on fire and I had to gain satisfaction immediately. He appeared apologetic as I couldn’t get my release in the sitting position. However, I was determined to make this work. For some reason, I had been thinking only about him lately and it was perplexing. Our relationship had started in a completely physical way, but now I felt even more attracted to him. He was sensitive, caring and everything I ever wanted.

As his eyes roamed over my body, I decided to try the Avalambitaka position with him. Holding his hand, I directed him towards a wall and pushed him until he was standing against it. Looping my hands around his neck, I waited for him to lift me up a bit and as he did so, I wrapped my thighs around his waist.

Though I was suspended, he held my buttocks firmly. Pressed flush against him, I leaned forward and kissed him as he slowly shifted my body and entered me. In order to move, I had to use my feet by pushing it against the wall and simultaneously, he began moving. Moving in closer I bit his nipple to excite him and as I did that, he growled and began to move faster.

As he thrust harder, I tightened my hands around his neck. I was completely on the edge and before I could control it, an orgasm tore through me, making me fall apart. He tried to continue but our bodies wet in sweat made it difficult for him. I could see that he was completely aroused and suddenly I wanted to offer more pleasure. Once he sat me down, I wrapped my fingers around his thick, pulsating penis. It was throbbing and begging to be pleased.

Licking my lips, I ran my tongue over the tip of his penis, licking and tasting myself on him. Groaning, he threw his head back as I took him deep into my mouth. Slowly, I began to move my head as I took him deeper with every movement. His hands grabbed my hair as he stiffened, unable to contain the pleasure coursing through his body. My warm mouth worked on him in circles and as I continued, he began to push himself into my mouth. Watching him turn ferocious was immensely erotic and with both his hands, he positioned my hand to ram into my mouth.

Completely overtaken with pleasure, I surrendered to his whims and held his hips to position myself and after a moment, he came violently in my mouth, screaming incoherently. Exhausted and happy, he sank beside me on the floor, pampering me with tender kisses.

‘I’ve never experienced such pleasure with any other woman and I don’t think I ever will,’ he said, making me happy beyond imagination. Our relationship was slowly turning into something more intimate than both of us had imagined.

#10: The Sammukha or Face to Face Kama Sutra Positions

This Kama Sutra position states that the woman needs to stand against a wall with her feet wide apart. Once that is done, the man enters her between her thighs, eager to make love to the beautiful woman. As they are standing face to face, this is known as the Sammukha position.

We lay on the floor and he began to caress my body, slowly and tenderly. After trying almost everything I wanted to try the Sammukha position with him since it was about love than just sex. However, I wanted to try something else before that as a form of foreplay. I was falling in love with him and wanted to impress him.

As he began to rub my clitoris, I moaned in pleasure. He probably wanted to impress me too and before I could realize it, his mouth was on my vagina sucking it slowly. Wanting to make it interesting, I thought about the spooning position. Writhing, I freed myself from him though I did not really want to. His mouth was amazing, but I wanted both of us to enjoy at the same time.

Positioning myself in a way where he could lick my vagina and I could suck his penis, we lay there revelling in the erotic sensations coursing through our bodies. I was on top of him with my back facing him and he was licking me all over. Gripping his penis in my fingers, I took him inside my mouth and as I sucked, I let my saliva flow on his body.

His tongue worked in slow circles, first massaging and rubbing but as we continued, his tongue delved deep into me, parting my flesh and licking everything that oozed out. It was unimaginable and sensual beyond belief and as his tongue stroked harder, diving deep into me, I lost control.

I came viciously as he sucked everything, making it prolong for a while. As I continued taking him deeper into me, he stiffened as an orgasm struck him too. His cum spilled all over me and his thighs, but I licked everything, pleasing him more than he had expected.

I did not want it to end and thus, I stood up with my back against the wall. Curious, he stood up too and as soon as he saw that I had spread my legs wide apart, all open to him and waiting for him to enter, he happily obliged. Spread naked and wide in front of him, I gazed at him with my heart full of love. He was equally passionate as he entered me slowly, rubbing my breasts and kissing my nipples with his warm mouth.

He was way too deep inside me and his fierce lovemaking excited and enthralled me. Moaning, I came as an orgasm almost threatened to knock out my senses, but he did not stop. Sweat glistened on his beautiful body as he crashed into me, letting everything go. His eyes were not full of lust, but they were full of love as he came in a velvety rush, screaming my name. Both of us sank to the floor and he held me lovingly for a long time.[/accordion_item]

It was the most beautiful time of my life as I found my man finally. We started with sex and I had taught him all the Kama Sutra positions, but we had fallen in love with each other. The Kama Sutra is also known as the aphorism of love and I had truly found my love. His actions and words described that he never wanted to leave me and whispering sweet words into each other’s ears, we feel asleep holding each other tightly…