Kama Sutra Positions

Kama Sutra Positions: Secrets of Extreme Pleasure Explained

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Aasita – Sitting Kama Sutra Positions

Yawning and stretching, I woke up to see his beautiful sleeping form next to me. His toned muscles moved in rhythmic fashion as he breathed.Kama Sutra Positions 5 kama sutra positions Kama Sutra Positions: Secrets of Extreme Pleasure Explained Kama Sutra 5

It was a lovely sight to see him as soon as I woke up and I must confess – I could get accustomed to that. Feeling playful and with desire spurring in my body, I trailed my finger over his chest slowly and he stirred awake. Without wasting a second, my lips were on him instantly.

Vatsyayana had made sure that both the partners were involved equally. Though women weren’t given a lot of importance in other aspects, especially in a country like India, he wanted the woman to derive equal satisfaction in almost all the Kama Sutra positions. The sitting positions were devoted to the woman and were meant to make her feel powerful and supreme. Though the Kama Sutra positions were challenging, the woman could control the man through her body movements and that intrigued me the most.

#7: The Padma or the Lotus Kama Sutra Positions

This Kama Sutra position stated that the woman sits on the man’s lap. The man grasps and positions the woman’s ankles around his neck, like a chain. The woman gets a grip by curling her toes around the man’s neck. As she’s spread in front of him like a lotus flower, it is known as the Lotus position

The Lotus position wasn’t merely about sex. It was about the intimacy shared by two people. As I was drawn to him, I wanted to shower him with all my love. I slowly kissed him, taking my time to lick all the corners of his mouth. Groaning, he teased my nipples as I nibbled on his neck. I wanted this to be memorable and according to the Kama sutra, a shower always increased intimacy. It also advocated cleanliness and I wanted to take a long shower with him.

Pleased with my idea, I pushed him down on the bed as I strode towards the bathroom. Waiting for the water to heat up, I added a few drops of rose oil to heighten the pleasure. In the olden days, women would use perfumed oils to massage their men and spread rose petals on the bed.

He walked into the bathroom to join me as I was in the bath tub already. Slowly, he sank into the tub without taking his eyes off me. As the water caressed my breasts, the lust in his eyes grew. Without uttering a word, I began to touch myself. I was offering myself to him and wanted him to enjoy the sight of my pleasure.

Wrapping my hands on my breasts, I caressed my nipples until they were taut and erect. His eyes followed every movement of mine and I threw my head back as I fondled my vagina. All my movements were deliberate and I could see that he wanted to pounce on me, but it could wait. This was my gift to him.

As I rubbed my vagina in slow, circular movements, he breathed harder. My fingers gently separated my flesh and I increased my speed. It was extremely erotic to touch myself while he watched me. He was ready to devour me and as my hands worked faster, my breathing faltered too. Without a word, he pounced on me as his tongue plunged deep into my mouth, making me gasp.

He was ferocious and had to be pleased right there. I surrendered myself to him, letting him bite my lips roughly. With his body all over me, he slid his finger into my swollen, tender vagina as I moaned loudly. The water, the fragrance, his body – they were all making me intoxicated and I arched my back as he slid in another finger to entice me.

It was time for the Lotus position and I moved across to sit on his lap. Surprised, he slowly pulled his fingers out as I positioned my body. I sat across him, completely open for him like a flower. Lifting my ankles, I placed them on his neck and gripped them as he entered me without wasting time.

He pushed me back so that I could bear the force of his thrusts and with my back against the sides of the tub and my ankles around his neck, he began to move faster. This Kama Sutra position offered incredible stimulation to the man’s lingam (penis) and to the woman’s yoni (vagina) and as he continued to push himself into me, I could sense him go deeper with every thrust.

It was magical since I completely sheathed him, taking him inside me as deep as I could. His hands grabbed my breasts and squeezed harder as his passion increased. Equally passionate, I dug my nails into his hands as I arched my body, giving him more access to enter me.

As our bodies moved with an intense rhythm, his body tensed as an orgasm shot through him. Continuing with his deliciously painful plunges, he made me come at the same time and we both lay in the bath tub, totally satisfied and delighted.

#8: The Kaurma or the Tortoise Kama Sutra Positions

This is a very sensual position if it’s practiced in a proper manner. This Kama Sutra position states the lovers sit facing each other with the man’s toes caressing the woman’s nipples. Her feet must be pressed against his chest and both the lovers should hold hands. Once the man’s lingam enters the woman’s yoni, they can make love by controlling the movements through their hands.

This position was the most challenging compared to all the others Kama Sutra positions and many people never dared to try it. However, since my man learnt all the other positions well, I decided to try this with him. Instructing him to sit up on the bed, I sat facing him with my feet caressing his chest. Slowly, he thrust his penis inside me by leaning forward and my toes rubbed against his chest. He could feel my body only through his feet and to excite me, he rubbed my nipples with his toes.

It was all about intimacy and eye contact was important for this position. It symbolized the union of both the bodies and soul and thus, we locked gazes as we held hands. Slowly, we both moved forward by controlling the movements through our hands. As his thrusts became a little faster, I held my breath and moved my buttocks to gain momentum.

Still seated, we both moved our bodies to get closer to each other and as we moved, an intense ache spread between my legs. Gripping my hands tightly, he plunged into me with all his strength as I clenched my vagina to sheath him tightly. He groaned with the sensation and rammed harder into me.

Trying to adjust his body, he shifted but as soon as he did that, he came violently. Unfortunately, it wasn’t really satisfactory for me and I hoped to satisfy myself with other positions. It only worked as foreplay for me as I wanted him to own me in the Standing positions.